Renew Counseling, LLC
Couples, Individuals, Marriage/Family Therapy
Todd Holdridge, LMFT, M.Div.

Couple Counseling

I love helping couples fall in love again. Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) forms the backbone of my approach, and equips couples to understand relationship patterns, break destructive cycles, and build new, lasting bonds.

This highly effective, non threatening approach reduces conflict and increases intimacy.


Sometimes, we know something in our head, but our feelings don't match. For example:
You know that the trauma is over.
You know that you are not a failure.
You know that you are not worthless.
You know that you are worthy of love.
You know that your anxiety is not completely logical.

But our feelings do not always match our thoughts.

I integrate a variety of methods to target both thoughts and feelings, including Cognitive therapies, Emotion Focused therapies, trauma therapies.  I've received additional training in Lifespan Integration, below.

Lifespan Integration

LI is a therapeutic tool developed by Peggy Pace which works to heal trauma through integration of trauma memories with memories across the lifespan. This work has a profound impact on reducing triggers that impair our ability to deal with conflict.

“LI therapy helps people connect unpleasant feelings and dysfunctional patterns with the memories of the past events from which these feelings and strategies originated. Making these connections at a deep level of the body-mind ‘re-sets’ the neural system so that it is more in line with the current life situation.” from